Typography & Bookmaking

Below are some images of two books I made for a course in typography. I enjoyed that these projects challenged me both creatively and technically, involving digital layouts and crafting physical objects.

Software & Tools:

Adobe InDesign, My Own Two Hands

The first book, constructed as a six-page accordion, focuses on how typography can evoke a "visible voice," where the styling is representative of the points of view in a story about my interaction with my roommate and her puppy.

The next book is a typesetting of a short story called "Cat Pictures Please" by Naomi Kritzer featured in Clarksworld Magazine with my own annotations. The story is told from the perspective of a self-aware search engine that describes the lives of various people she sees online, particularly enjoying the cat pictures they post. This informed my decision to style the story with a design reminiscent of a Google search results page, with annotations styled like Google searches for cats based on the times that cats are mentioned in the story.